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Who we are

and what we do.
We are a team of people united by the goal of realizing the full potential of technologies, as well as developing them to a level where they will work to improve the quality of human life. Each team member is a specialist in his field and not only in the CIS continent. We are aimed at specialists who have gone through fire and water in order to gain knowledge and experience in their field.

The company was founded by people who have worked for many years in the field of blockchain technologies, training and development of neural networks, radio engineering, engineering approaches to the development of engines based on alternative energy sources, while each participant promoted all these developments not along the beaten track, but went their own way creating new conditions and new areas of application of these technologies.

For the last 2 years, the founders of the company have actively and closely cooperated with the 1984 Group team, which has been developing for 6 years a blockchain ecosystem that completely creates the conditions for a decentralized Internet, as well as in the active interpretation of open sources of neural networks, including the development of their own options and the use of blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence in tandem. The engineering team was actively working on the implementation of hydrogen fuel engines, and the designers of radio-controlled equipment worked as actively as possible on the improvement of existing drones in order to get away from the position of a simple toy and do something that helps people. As a result, all designers in the past have worked on agricultural drone and robotics systems.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for people, as well as improve safety and save lives. When the world is counting minutes and seconds, all forces should be devoted to the maximum realization of these minutes and seconds, and our technologies, developments and upcoming projects are aimed at the maximum realization of this time. Company Mankind Legacy Inc. founded to create a heritage worthy of humanity.