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Let's talk about Argus
While our company is going through the final processing of all documents, our team will not waste time and starts developing Argus, or rather the drone and its aspects with a maximum focus on achieving the state of the MVP.

The development of the drone will go in several directions at once, which we will discuss in this article.

First of all, our task is to make the drone work as long as possible without recharging. Nowadays, very few drones are able to work at maximum load for more than one hour. The maximum load in our understanding is when the drone is able not only to be in the air, but also to perform its maximum functions and at the same time keep not only its own weight, but also the weight of the necessary equipment. The same complexity is also the feature of our drones, namely the position of the mother drone and the drones based on it. As a result, it was decided to completely redesign the concept of the drone towards the motherboard and to rework the basic concept of the drones that should be mounted on the motherboard.

So, what are the main tasks we set ourselves at the beginning of development:
Development of two (if possible three) power supplies for the drone. So far, this is a hydrogen engine and a basic power cell
Development of the principle of attaching drones to the motherboard (Up to 4x inclusive)
Development of the principle of connecting these drones and returning to the mother drone
Correct calibration and placement of all sensors and functionality on the motherboard drone
Development of a flight controller for the Argus network

With regard to the software that the team will develop, this is, first of all, raising the Argus blockchain network and the basic version of the neural network with the ability to train standard flight functions and enter this data into the blockchain network.

This is so far the primary goal that we set ourselves at the beginning of development. In the near future, we plan to launch a YouTube channel, where we will broadcast the development and upload videos of what we are developing and how. Our task is to be as open as possible to our audience.