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Let's talk about Argus
Hello everyone, my name Vladimir Serb and i am CEO and Co-Founder of Mankind Legacy Inc. 

In our first post, wanna introduce for you some info about our startup project “Argus”.

Today i will say for you what is Argus and for what it will be.

Argus is an autonomous system for responding to and eliminating all kinds of emergencies that can be, from the banal “a person became ill in a deserted part of the city” to robberies and so on. The purpose of the Argus system is to work to prevent the situation itself and, of course, improve the speed of perception of such situations. Each person understands that if there is a question about life and death, then the count goes almost by seconds, and in our case, the response speed is from 10-15 minutes before arrival, the Argus system can almost double up to 5-7 minutes, so how the whole process of calling the rescue service and trying to get any data to send the unit to the scene is practically lost. The operator who will observe “with the eyes of Argus” will be able to immediately receive the coordinates of the place, evaluate the visual image and understand which unit and with what situation will need to be directed. Of course, many will ask the question, is it human control? No! Argus is fully autonomous and does not have the same purpose as collecting data. The collection of data is possible only in the case when special services will oversee any locality and of course the account control of such services will be present.

Argus is based on a drone system with a hydrogen tank, with each main drone acting as a mother drone that monitors its territory in real time, and up to 4 small and high-speed drones with basic power cells are based on board the mother drone, which will already be descended and transmitted control of their special services to assess the situation, and the mother drone will continue to patrol. Each drone, our company plans to equip with everything you need from a banal camera to multispectral cameras, ultrasonic transmitters and more. All this is necessary to ensure that each drone is multifunctional and monitors the situation for all services, including the fire department. The main task is to train the Argus neural network, which will work in real time, and the blockchain system will not allow anyone to get into Argus’s brains and change them for themselves. We plan to open the eyes of Argus publicly, but no one will be able to control drones without the consent of the neural network and, of course, the permission of the special services. Every person in the world will be able to look through the eyes of any drone (As well as, for example, webcams in cities), but this will be all, no one will be able to control the drones, and we are also going to give access to viewing, only through our software (Since we we will make every effort to prohibit any screen-imaging software so that there is no unauthorized data collection format). Of course, we will not be able to protect the software from shooting, for example, on a computer monitor phone, but we plan to work on a search algorithm if these records are made by people with malicious intent. But that’s not what this article is about yet.

This is a basic idea of ​​what Argus is and of course we will publish much more information and the entire development path in our blog. We will always be glad to receive feedback on this)

P.S. Main image not Argus prototype, and don’t used for any development process of Mankind Legacy Inc. and Argus prototype